How To Perfectly Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron

You don’t need a curling iron to get perfect curls you’ll love! Next time you are looking for a new, fun hairstyle, pull out your Straight Ahead Beauty flat iron and get these amazing results!


Take a half inch section from the nape of your neck and smooth with our Rejuvenating Argon Oil Hair Serum. The Rejuvenating Argon Oil Hair Serum will help with the glide of the flat iron over the hair. Go ahead and smooth the oil throughout the body of the hair.

Some Tips To Remember:

  • Wrap hair as if you were using a curling iron (don’t close the flatiron completely).
  • Use less heat for blonde hair and scale up as hair darkens.
  • You can tell if you’re putting enough heat in with the flatiron by feeling the hair. It should feel warm, which lets you know that the heat is reaching all of the hair.
  • DO not do large sections, work with smaller sections.
  • Don’t do the tips of your hair until the end, as they require the least amount of heat to retain the curl.

Here is the motion you will be using as you twirl your wrist to turn the flat iron.


Take flat iron and start at the base of your head. You will be twirling your wrist around while holding the hair with your other hand when making the turn. Note: you are turning the flat iron, not the hair around the flat iron.

As you can see in these gifs, you aren’t wrapping all of your hair around the flat iron like you would with a curling iron. Instead you wrap just part of the hair and slowly and carefully pull it down the length of the hair.


This method is to get “beach body wave curls,” a looser curl that falls down your back. Unlike the other curl, you wrap all the hair around the flat iron and then carefully unwrap it. Also, instead of pointing the tip of the flatiron down, point it up. Keep hair centered in the flatiron to avoid snags. Once you have it all wound around the flat iron, carefully unwind. If the curl comes out too tight, you can run your fingers through it to loosen it up.




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