How To Use A Flat Iron

Straight Ahead Flat iron | How to use Flat iron | Flat iron reviews

To get perfect, pin-straight hair, you need more than a blow dryer. You also need a flat iron. It also helps to know how to use a flat iron properly. It may seem obvious: you clamp down a bit of hair into the iron and pull it through. But there’s actually an art to correctly straightening hair with a flat iron.


You want your hair to be as dry as possible when straightening. Not only will this allow your flat iron to work better, it will also prevent your hair from being shocked by the heat and breaking off.

Point the hair dryer downward with the flow of your hair while blow-drying. This downward motion away from your roots encourages your hair to dry straight. Also, set your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting. If you have particularly frizzy hair, drying your hair on a lower heat setting for a longer period of time will prevent your hair from puffing up as you dry it.


It’s very important to work in layers when straightening hair and to start with the bottom layer of hair. To do this, clip away the top 3/4ths of your hair, or the top half if you have fine, thin hair.

It’s up to you to determine how many layers you want to work through. Keep in mind the goal is to run your iron over hair as little as possible. If hair feels at the end as if you need to do another run-through, you were ironing sections that were too thick.

Once hair is clipped, you’ll work your way around the bottom layer. Iron 1-inch or smaller sections of hair at a time. Clamp the iron down as close to the scalp as possible. Then slowly pull iron down the length of hair. If a second pass is needed be sure to wait until the hair has cooled before applying more heat.

Once you complete the bottom layer, create a layer above it by pulling up hair again. You want to work your way up through the sections of your hair, layer by layer.

If you have typically, dry, frizzy hair, rub a serum like our Rejuvenating Argon Oil Hair Serum between your hands and palm over hair for extra shine and to keep hair in place. To keep frizzies along the hairline at bay, spritz hairspray on an old toothbrush and ‘brush’ them down.

Set your blow dryer to cold on the lowest air flow setting. Carefully blow-dry your hair for another minute to help set your straightened hair. You can also use a thick brush to guide your hair in a straight motion if you prefer.

Straight Ahead Flat iron | How to use Flat iron | Flat iron reviews


8 comments on “How To Use A Flat Iron

  1. I honestly love how the flat iron worked on my daughters hair. I’ve had a difficult time with other tools because her curls are so thick and super long hair. So I met Christiano at the Nuvi, Mi mall and he kindly showed me how this worked. I was surprised!
    Once I got home I flat iron her entire hair! Wow….what a difference and I did it with ease!!
    As a mom I was feeling very bad not knowing how to make her hair pretty and tame all those frizz. If you would of seen her smile now…aawwww…priceless.

    Thank you, this is a great product!

  2. Sofia at Nashville was sweet! Still confused though she said I could straighten my hair wet which I shouldn’t have believed anyways but the website said not to. So was she lying? Still love love love it either way !

    • Hi Josie, we never recommend using any heated styling tools on soaking wet hair. Since water amplifies heat, it could cause damage to the hair.

      • So weird thing ,,, the am my hair was like at that point of BASICALLY dry,,, I straightened it anyways bc I didn’t have time … and I SWEAR on EVERYTHING it worked better! Didn’t pull my hair like usual and my hair has NEVER been so soft I don’t understand why

  3. Monica at the Burlington mall was very nice. Like another commenter above, she told me I could use my flat iron on wet hair and it would dry it and straighten it without any damage. This is something I’m concerned about. Also, the flat iron I was given does not seem the same as the one she used on me at the booth, it doesn’t straighten nearly as well. Maybe I didn’t let it heat up long enough, how long does it take?

    • Hi, we do not recommend using heated styling tools on soaking wet hair since water amplifies heat it could cause damage to your hair. Try to loosely dry your hair with a blowdryer or let it mostly air dry before using the heated styling tool. Also, I’m not sure which flat iron you purchased, but try to allow at least 2-3 minutes for the tool to reach the temperature.

  4. Tabitha lyn Stafford

    I got mine today at the West Town Mall in Knoxville Tn. The lady was wonderful. She did a great demonstration..I love how my hair looks and feels!!

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