Spread The Love

When you give love, you get love so why not have a little fun with it this Valentine’s Day?

We know you’ve got the whole “Valentine’s Day” thing down pat. But in case you’re looking to spread a little more love around, try one of these ideas for making everyone’s love holiday the best yet.

  • Visit a shelter and walk a dog (or love on a cat)
  • Bake someone a cake, cookies or cupcakes.
  • Write a letter to someone you miss.
  • Buy fresh flowers and put them in every room.
  • Find things at home you don’t use and give them away.
  • Pass out $1 bills to children randomly.
  • Write cards of appreciation to those who’ve helped you.
  • Visit a senior center and give out flowers.
  • Take a lonely friend to a movie and buy them popcorn.
  • Give some slightly used books to a teen or woman’s shelter.
  • Buy makeup or toiletries and do the same.
  • Treat a friend to foot massage.
  • Buy a box of chocolates and give them out at work or a class.
  • Keep nuts or snacks in the car to give to the homeless holding signs by the road.
  • Give up your seat on public transportation.
  • Pay for the order of the person behind you at the coffee shop or fast food restaurant.
  • Tell a stranger you like their shoes (or hair, or coat, or etc …)
  • Listen to love songs on your iPod in public … and dance!
  • Smile! Your positive energy is a gift to everyone around you.
  • Send old-fashioned Valentines (the kind school kids buy in a 30-pack!) to all of your friends.
  • Leave conversation hearts with cute messages in random places where people will get a giggle.
  • Try a new recipe — and make extra to share!
  • Resolve not to say anything negative, for the entire day.
  • Ask a couple you admire to tell you the story of how they met.
  • Tell your own “couple” story to your kids, nieces or nephews.
  • Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to everyone you meet … and mean it!

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