Thinking of taking the plunge and going for a style with bangs? Here are some things to consider before taking the leap…

(1) It will take awhile to get your bangs to look right. If you have, say, center-parted hair, your hair is likely used to growing that way. So when you cut bangs and suddenly tell these shorter bits of your hair to grow forward, it’s going to take them a minute to adjust. Most people who give up on their new bangs make that call while their hair is adjusting to the new pattern–they complain that they “can’t do” bangs, but really all their hair needs is training! We’ve found that the best way to train your hair into beautiful bangs is to blow-dry it every morning. This will give it the correct shape.

(2) Bangs are high maintenance. You have to style them. You have to hold them in position. And most importantly, you have to keep them at their optimum length. Take this into consideration when you’re deciding To Bang Or Not To Bang–if you are a wash-and-go kind of girl, you may not be happy with the time commitment a fringe requires.

(3) The bangs you want may not be the bangs you get. There are a lot of ways to wear a fringe, and what works best on you will depend on your hair type, thickness, how much time you want to spend styling it, face shape and your personal style. It is a tragedy of our times that occasionally, we may want bangs that won’t work with one or all of those things. Thin, fine hair may not accommodate a thick, full fringe. Curly hair and short, feathery bangs may never meet. Bettie bangs and a woman who has two minutes to do her hair in the morning could be a very poor match.

(4) You may need to alter your makeup style. No matter what style of fringe you’re rocking, bangs definitely change your face. They provide a frame, which can be lovely and dramatic when paired with the right makeup. Makeup should complement–not compete–with your hair.