V3600 Ionic Pro Blow Dryer



V3600 Ionic Pro Blow Dryer

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This Ionic V3600 Pro Blow Dryer harnesses negative ions to seal moisture inside the hair cuticles for a smooth style that will last for days. Its sleek lightweight design and multiple heat & speed settings offers professional quality styling at home. The Nano Silver Technology and Ionic function will not only help keep your hair healthy, but will also help reduce frizziness for a perfect finish.



  1. Make sure the power switch is in the “O” position, then plug in the blow dryer.
  2. Adjust the heat and power to your desired settings. When done, turn the power switch back to the “O” position.

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Includes diffuser and two custom nozzle attachments


10" (l) x 8.5" (h) x 3.5 (d)


1.3 lbs


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The Ionic V3600 Pro Blow Dryer includes a diffuser and 2 custom styling attachments to help you achieve your desired style.




“Clip up the top of your hair (it doesn’t need to be precise). Starting at the back, blow-dry using our detangle brush to sweep the hair forward. Repeat on the sides. Then let down the front. Blow dry the bangs first, using smoothing motions from side to side. Unclip the rest and work back towards your crown until the top is completely dry. Finish with a dab of pomade and pull it through to the ends for a piecey effect.”


“Spray a volumizer at the roots of wet hair to add body, then apply a small amount of our Renewing Aragon Oil Hair Serum through to the ends. If you have bangs, blow dry them using a big, round brush. Pull them straight out from your forehead and aim the dryer’s noodle toward their ends. Dry the sides and ends without a brush until they are 95% done. Then clip up the top and finish drying in sections using the brush to pull hair taut, aiming the nozzle towards the ends. Unclip the top section and dry the whole chunk at once. Pull it straight up and point the dryer up too, that will help lock in the lift. For a smoother straight look use one of the two spacial nozzles that are included.”


“Put a bit of our Renewing Argon Oil Hair Serum on the ends of damp hair, then blow dry all of your hair with our detangle brush until most of the moisture is gone. Pull the top sections of hair and clip them. Starting at the back, wind small sections of hair from the ends up to the scalp around a ceramic brush and hit with heat until dry. Unravel hair from the brush. As you do, rotate your wrist so the hair curls on itself, forming a loose ringlet. Repeat until all hair is dry. Flip your head over and mist hair’s underside with a texturizing spray. Use your fingertips to massage the roots, then flip back up and finger-comb hair into place.

For a more beach blown look or looser curl use the diffuser attachment that comes with the V3600 Ionic Pro Blow Dryer.”