Lifetime Warranty

DISCLAIMER: We have become aware that there are fraudulent tools being sold under our brand name, Straight Ahead. Do not purchase a tool anywhere online that is priced less than the MSRP on our website. It is NOT one of our professional styling tools. This includes websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and others. All of our tools and packaging are clearly marked with our company logo. If you do not see our logo printed or engraved on the tool then it is not from an authorized retailer. Please note that we will not honor warranties on any fraudulent tools.



Please register your product within 14 days of purchase to activate your warranty. Be sure to hold onto your original receipt and registration number in the unlikely event that your item brakes, or stops working properly. You will need it to file your claim.

How to Get a New Straight Ahead Beauty Replacement Tool:

You must upload a picture of your receipt and of the tool with the cable cut before your claim will be processed.

Once we have received your claim form, shipping & handling fee and pictures, the claim will be processed by our Customer Service Department. A new tool in the same color will be sent out to you within the next three business days. If the color or pattern is out of stock we will contact you with the color options we have available in stock.


Shipping* & Handling Charges for Each Model:

    • Professional Performance Ceramic $24.99
    • Pro Elite Ceramic $29.99
    • Hybrid Pro Titanium $29.99
    • Quantum Infrared $29.99
    • Omega Infrared $24.99
    • Premium Titanium Flat Iron $29.99
    • Bionic Pro Ceramic Flat Iron $24.99
    • Travel Size Ceramic $19.99
    • Portable Straightener $19.99
    • 3/4″ Pro Styling Wand $24.99
    • 1″ Pro Styling Wand $24.99
    • 25″ Pro Styling Wand $24.99
    • Cosmo Auto Curler $34.99
    • Mermaid $34.99
    • Ionic Hair Brush $24.99
    • Straightener Ceramic Brush $24.99
    • Pro Glider 1.0 $24.99
    • Pro Glider 2.0 $24.99
    • Portable Glider $19.99
    • V3600 Ionic Pro Blow Dryer $34.99
    • V3800 Turbo Pro Blow Dryer $34.99
    • Volumizer Pro $34.99
    • Air Styler $34.99
    • Comet Portable Blow Dryer $24.99
    • Pro Styling Wand Set $34.99
    • Duet Professional Set $34.99
    • Bionic Duet Professional Set $34.99
    • Bionic Essentials Set $34.99
    • Trio Professional Set $34.99
    • Bionic Trio Professional Set $34.99
    • Essentials Duo Set $34.99
    • Hybrid Set $34.99
    • Elite Set $34.99
    • Trinity Set $34.99
    • Bionic Trinity Set $34.99
    • Bionic Glider Set $34.99


*Shipping rates are for the continental US only. International shipping rates may vary. Please contact our customer service by email: BEFORE shipping your tool to us.