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Bionic Pro Ceramic

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Master any style with SA’s Bionic Pro Ceramic flat iron. This agile and lightweight flat iron features not only an adjustable temperature to accommodate most hair types, but also Nano-Silver, Far Infrared and Negative Ion technologies working in unison to ensure you have silky smooth hair in no time!

The floating ceramic plates ensure that the hair will glide gently with less pulling and allow for wider sections of hair to be straightened effectively in record time. The unique rounded barrels help to quickly and easily create long-lasting curls, waves, and the perfect straight style. Take back control of your hair with SA’s Bionic Pro!



  1. Ensure your hair is clean and combed through.
  2. Plug in the tool and turn it on using the on-off button, set it to desired temperature and allow for it to heat up.
  3. Separate hair into a small section (2in / 5cm max) and place the section of hair firmly between the heating plates. Slowly slide the tool down the length of the hair from roots to tips. Repeat as necessary.
  4. Allow the hair to cool before further styling.
  5. When you are done turn off the iron using the on-off button and unplug it from the socket.

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    I bought it 3 weeks ago at concord mills mall and it works great .

  2. daniel dewayne Creason

    Today as we walked the Opry mills mall we had the luxury of visiting Toma, at the Straight Ahead. Hair booth directly in front of Spencer’s She was the perfect of example of the way a employee should approaches customer, she made us feel comfortable and we are so blessed,by the perfessonalism she showed us. I urge you to give her a few minutes of your day

  3. Ciara

    MyBoyfriend bought me this for an early birthday present and I do have to say I have really long thick hair my hair is right about down to my butt I washed and let my hair air dry did a side braid and slept with it overnight took it out the next morning and straighted my hair and it took me 12 minutes flat to straighten my whole head of hair which is pretty impressive and it stayed straight for 2 days didn’t frizz up so I would totally say it’s worth the money!! My 13 year old daughter used it as well and was pleased with the results! All the way over at the Mall of New Hampshire ❤️

  4. Kiley A Perry

    Bought today from Thomas at the Maine Mall in Portland. Love it!! My hair has never looked better and he was an absolute pleasure.

  5. Hailee

    Bought it from Thomas at Maine mall today!! And it’s fantastic! Definitely buying more products

  6. Brenda Quatrano

    Just bought it today at the Maine Mall from Nicole, She was super helpful and kind. Going to try and see if I can do it myself tomorrow.

  7. Lexy Pinson

    bought today from flea market in sevierville tn and let me tell you the lady was so sweet dealt w me and my sister so well. i was very pleased, my sister and i both have very thick frizzy hair and it took me a little less than 30 minutes to straighten my hair when it takes normally 2-3 hours ! very impressed! my sister and i both got one we love it!

  8. Jessi C

    June @ The Maine Mall did an excellent job explaining and demonstrating this product to me, and I don’t often stop at booths for sale pitches. He was friendly and created great conversation, and styled my hair which was damp from showering earlier, with no problems at all. I have been due for a new flat iron and this one was meant to be. Thanks June!

  9. Stephanie Waddell

    I NEVER buy products that kiosk employees try to sell me, but Johnathan at the Maine Mall stopped me and was an absolute delight to work with. Even though I was very limited on time, he made it worth it. My hair feels so wonderful after using this. I’m so so so happy.

  10. Sydney Grubis

    Thank you so much Elaine from the Maine Mall in Portland for introducing me to this amazing tool!

  11. Casey johnson

    Bought this today, amazing hair straightener!! The woman was so nice and give me a great deal too I love it works so well !

  12. Jessica

    Got mine at the opry mills mall in Nashville and Antonio was so sweet and not pushy at all. He did an awesome job presenting and demonstrating each product. Love my new flat iron!!!!

  13. Brianna

    My boyfriend and I had gone into the Maine mall to shop for our anniversary and a nice man named Johnathan had stopped us and insisted on letting him straighten my hair. At first I just thought it was an ordinary straightener but he proved me wrong, I thought the straightener I had before was amazing until he put this one through my hair. I absolutely love it, it makes my hair feel so much better than any other straightener I have used before and I am so glad we gave this man our time! I would definitely recommend giving these products a try!

  14. Cheyenne Collins

    Bought this from Ruth at Broadway square. Walked away and had to come buy it because I’m OBSESSED. my hair looks so good.

  15. Esther Lin

    Sofia at Opry Mills in Nashville, Tennessee was the sweetest person ever. I never do my hair but she made me feel so comfortable and made me feel like I should embrace my beauty. I love the iron itself too. Just wish they had more colors to choose from

  16. Shaun

    My fiance bought me this flat iron at port mills and it is the best flat iron ever and she was so sweet!

  17. Madison W.

    My friend and I bought these at the glenbrook square mall in ft Wayne. We got the shampoo and conditioner along with it. Best straightener I have ever owned and sales person at the location was fantastic! 10/10 recommend 🙂

  18. Yajaira

    I bought from the Galleria in Birmingham. My hair is naturally black but I’ve bleached it and it’s now white blonde. It has a lot of damage to it. I seriously never thought my hair would ever be this silky and soft because of a hair straightener! I love it ! Worth the money!

  19. Camila

    I got mine from the kiosk at the coastland mall in Naples and I love it, leaves my hair soft and so far no frizz. I will recommend this to my friends and family. I wanna get my husband the beard straighter next!

  20. Zoey

    Mikey was very friendly and showed us how the iron works it did wonders!!!!!

  21. Rex Hassell jr

    I was told it uses steam and not heat? Either way it’sa FREAKING PHENOMENAL product!

  22. Angela Tuccitto

    Bought this today from Justin at Holyoke mama in Massachusetts and it’s amazing. Justin also is very pleasant individual who deserves to be recognized

  23. Ana-Maria

    I SWEAR BY THIS PRODUCT! i will never use any other flat iron again! it’s like magic on my hair i absolutely love it. and it’s even better when u use the moroccan shampoo and conditioner. silky smooth hydrated hair

  24. Shelbi

    I purchased this product today from Ashley at Grapevine Mills Mall. She was a perfect example of kindness and professionalism!!

  25. Brooke

    My boyfriend and I were approached by Thomas working in the Maine Mall in Portland at the Straight Ahead booth, he approached us in a very professional manner and was by far the best salesman I’ve encountered. We did not intend to buy one but he explained the product to us and showed us the amazing capabilities of this straightener. I’ve never had my hair straightened or curled with such ease. Thank you Thomas! I highly recommend!

  26. Shariell

    I recently got this flat iron from the west town mall in Tennessee and I don’t remember the girl name that sell it to me I don’t know her name but anyway she demonstrated the flat iron using my hair I was her hair model and I was impressed how quick my hair gotten straightened just with one time the other flat irons I owned didn’t do this so far I love the product it seems it doesn’t get super hot though when I flatten it and I feel my hair but you can definitely tell that it’s really doing it’s job !. Love it so far hope it lasts good for me this is by far the best flat iron I have bought.

  27. Rowelyn McGee

    I bought one at the Governor’s Square Mall in Clarksville, TN on June 4,2021. I wasn’t really planning on spending money that day for a flat iron. BUT this nice guy, Zack, approached me and demonstrated the flat iron on my own hair. I was really impressed at how it flattened my hair so quickly and not only that, my hair felt so nice, fluffy, smooth, and shiny. Unlike the old flat iron I have, my hair was brittle and rough after. I have been looking for a really good flat iron for a long time but I just couldn’t find the ONE! Now, I do and I am very excited to get my hair done every morning for work! Zack was really nice and friendly. Couldn’t asked for a better sales associate. Thank you Zack!

  28. Gina

    I purchased this 11/05/2021 from Jason at Governor’s Square Mall in Clarksville, TN. Normally, I try not to engage with people at the mall kiosks, but Jason was sharp, and he struck up a conversation by asking about a purchase he noticed me walk by with earlier. Before I knew it he was straightening my hair, and the results blew me away. I have very thick hair that I never do anything with because: a) it takes too long, and b) I don’t know what to do with it. I was amazed at how quickly and easily he straightened my entire mane. He even showed me the proper way to use it so I know I can recreate the results at home. I LOVE this iron! And a big THANK YOU to Jason for being so professional, and for giving me this incredible gift I didn’t even know I needed.

  29. Amanda

    Bought at a center booth in a NH mall. She was a pleasure to speak with and she curled my hair in 10 minutes. I never style my hair because of the thickness and amount of time it usually takes. This definitely makes it seem more manageable 🙂

  30. Ally Neptune

    I LOVE my new straightener. I bought it from Lauren? Laura? At the maine mall today! She’s a great sales woman and super friendly!! Totally happy with my purchase

  31. Joseph Ricketts

    I bought my fiancé one of these today at Opry Mills mall the woman at the kiosk was super polite and helpful, I rarely buy from kiosks but, I’m super grateful that I bought it. I had to immediately when I seen the smile my fiancé was wearing after she curled her hair with it at the mall. And let me tell you I was shocked by how soft her hair stayed after being heated by the device!

  32. Auriel Robinson

    My daughter has type 4C hair in which the front of her hair is extremely resistant. Even paying $100 for a blow out it still never seems to get bone silky straight. I bought these as an early Christmas gift. I first shampooed and towel dried her hair. I used leave in conditioner as well as some shea butter before blow drying and to my surprise her hair was not only silky straight but it was the shiniest i have ever seen it. One pass no build up on the flat iron. This was money well spent.

  33. Morgan

    I bought this from Lauren at the Maine Mall in Portland! I usually try to avoid kiosks because sometimes they’re very pushy, however Lauren was great! I ended up getting one for my sister who has really curly hair and I’m excited to try it on her!

  34. Kaitlin

    Bought the hot pink one from Alaina at the Mall of NH this afternoon. BEST straightener EVER!!!

  35. Elaina

    Just bought this yesterday from Louis at the mall in NH. I have very long straight hair and immediately I felt a difference in smoothness when he showed me. My hair also is so hard to curl. I usually have to cake hairspray in it, it’ll take me 2 hours sometimes because how long my hair is, it’ll fall out easy, and it’s just stiff from hairspray. He curled my hair max 10 mins and it has now stayed for hours. Although, he did market it as, “steams your hair”, but I do not think that is the case, it definitely uses heat it just might not be that harsh compared to a regular straighter. I got the bionic one. Either way works well! Just keep that in mind incase you don’t want to get scammed.

  36. Lecker Coleman

    I purchased the Bionic Pro from Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, TN Maddie not only straighten my hair and the results were awesome. Please stop by and see Maddie awesome person and was knowledgeable of the product. I was a little nervous my first time but like Maddie said it didn’t take long to curl my hair. This was a good purchase and l would definitely recommend this product again and again.

  37. Angel

    I was at Bowling Green Mall yesterday and was approached by Sean that works for Straight Ahead Beauty. Great attitude and personality. You should go and visit him and buy one of these flat irons. Life time warranty and you will be so glad you purchased one. Thanks Sean

  38. Tina

    Ok so normally I don’t stop at kiosk at malls but i did and I’m glad i did! Emma (at the Capital City Mall in camp-hill Pa) was very sweet and professional and let me know how much healthier this flatiron is than other flatirons. She used it on my hair and WOW the results were insanely amazing! I’m usually such a skeptic about everything! HOWEVER! She sold me! I bought immediately after her demonstrations on my very long hair! Thanks to Emma and her manager i am obsessed with my hair and my new purple flatiron! You women were outstanding! I will tell everyone I know! <3

  39. Evelyn

    I bought this at a kiosk at Queens Center Mall, I was skeptical at first but im in love with it not only can you straighten your hair but you can also do a body wave hair style and curls. The shampoo, conditioner and serum is also great leaves your hair beautiful and shiny and the ingredients are a plus. Its worth the money best investment I ever made!!!!!

  40. Dorothy White

    I went to Haywood Mall in Greenville South Carolina and met the sweetest young lady ever named Amber! She was amazing! I am glad she stopped me! She made me feel like a princess. I was like ok another flat iron but I was wrong! Where has this been all my life! Also the color is beautiful! Also what sold me is it don’t burn your hand and my daughter just started using a straight iron. Amber was the sweetest and I won’t ever forget her loving personality. She interacted with my kids and just Amazing!

  41. ysoto9838

    My mother and I went to the Castleton Mall in Indianapolis. We were shopping, and the way they approached us made us feel comfortable and they show outstanding professionalism, we usually buy the CHI hair straighter, but I really liked this hair straightener. They are so lovely and helpful, and I’m going to tell my friends about this hair straightener!

  42. kaylee

    i walked into johnson city mall in tennessee and was stopped by a lovely woman named jordan who gave me some free samples and then showed me exactly what the flat iron can do. she was so nice and i ended up buying a flat iron for me and one for my sister, the serum, the shampoo and conditioner, and the diffuser. she was so kind and talked to me about the product for as long as she could. i love my flat iron and love everything else i had bought. my hair feels nicer and looks way better than before.

  43. Megan

    Was at the greenwood mall this morning in bowling green Kentucky. Ben offered to show me the products they had. Ended up straightening one side of my hair and then showing me how the straightener curls. I fell in love immediately. I have tried so many straighteners and nothing compares to the bionic pro

  44. Virginia Thompson

    I just bought this from a bridal expo. Well my future mother in law got one and so did I. We were sold as soon as the representative was finished with our hair! Came home and used it again! I’m extremely happy!

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The best time to flat iron your hair is immediately following a fresh shampoo and conditioning session. Applying heat to hair that has products and dirt in it is doing nothing more than baking these old products and dirt in.