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Bionic Pro Ceramic

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Master any style with SA’s Bionic Pro Ceramic flat iron. This agile and lightweight flat iron features not only an adjustable temperature, but also Nano-Silver, Far Infrared and Negative Ion technologies working in unison to ensure you have silky smooth hair in no time!

The floating ceramic plates ensure that the heat is much gentler on the hair, helping to sustain moisture and protect it from damage. They also allow for a smoother glide with no pulling and wider sections of hair to be straightened effectively and in record time. The unique rounded barrels quickly and easily create long-lasting curls, waves, and the perfect straight style. Take back control of your hair with SA’s Bionic Pro!



  1. Ensure your hair is clean and combed through.
  2. Plug in the iron and turn it on using the on-off button.
  3. Adjust the heat setting to the desired temperature.
  4. Separate hair into a small section (2in / 5cm max) and place the section of hair firmly between the heating plates. Slide down the length of the hair from roots to tips. Repeat as necessary.
  5. Allow the hair to cool before further styling.
  6. When you are done turn off the iron using the on-off button and unplug it from the socket.

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Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Cheetah, Marble, Peach, Pink, Purple, Rose Gold, Rose Gold Lace, Tattoo, Travel, Turquoise



    I bought it 3 weeks ago at concord mills mall and it works great .

  2. daniel dewayne Creason

    Today as we walked the Opry mills mall we had the luxury of visiting Toma, at the Straight Ahead. Hair booth directly in front of Spencer’s She was the perfect of example of the way a employee should approaches customer, she made us feel comfortable and we are so blessed,by the perfessonalism she showed us. I urge you to give her a few minutes of your day

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The best time to flat iron your hair is immediately following a fresh shampoo and conditioning session. Applying heat to hair that has products and dirt in it is doing nothing more than baking these old products and dirt in.