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This ergonomically designed detangling brush glides through wet or dry hair without pulling, pain, or hair loss. The unique design allows for you to detangle hair with fewer brush strokes and less effort. Perfect for all most types, this brush is great for creating sleek blow-outs and smoothing hair.

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Black, Purple, Turquoise


  1. Mary

    I love this brush. It gets through my hair so easily and it doesn’t hurt. No other brush works like this one.

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“After washing your hair, you need to remove as much moisture as possible before using the blow dryer. This saves time and prevents fatigue in the arms and shoulders. The easiest way to pre-dry hair is to do nothing and let it air dry. Another common method is blotting the hair with a dry towel.

Successful blow-drying requires two different types of products. A thermal protector to help shield the hair from heat damage and the right brush for the desired look. Our detangle brush is perfect for straight looks. Start the drying process by quickly drying the roots. Then, use your fingers to gently pull hair away from the scalp and quickly move around the entire head. If you have bangs dry them next and then move them out of the way.

Divide the remaining hair into three sections, the crown, the middle, and the nape. Starting with the hair in the back of your head, separate a 1- to 2-inch segment of hair to dry. With the detangle brush under the hair, pull the hair taught and aim the blow dryer’s nozzle toward the hair. For optimal results use the Straight Ahead V3600 Ionic Pro Blow Dryer with one the custom straightening nozzle attachments. Then slide both the brush and blow dryer along the length of the hair, pulling gently to keep the hair taught at all times. This process continues for all the hair in the nape section followed by the middle section and then the crown. Continue until all hair is dry. To keep hair sleek and smooth follow up with a small amount of our Renewing Argon Oil Serum.”