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Here are 5 Ways You Can Protect Your Natural Hair from heat damage.  Direct heat from blow dryers and flat irons can cause hair breakage and damage and a loss of natural curl pattern. But with these tips you can assess and protect the health of your natural hair.

Understand How Much Heat is Too Much

Hair burns or begins to denature at 450F. The temperature is less for fine hair or hair that is weak and damaged. If you’re experimenting with heat for the first time, start with medium to low heat settings. Invest in a professional blow dryer like our V3600 Ionic Pro Blow Dryer or use flat irons or styling wands with an accurate temperature settings.

Know Your Natural Hair

Everyone’s hair is different. It’s for this reason that you must know your hair and its heat tolerance.  Damaged hair is more susceptible to heat damage. Doing a hair assessment will help you determine whether or not you should introduce heat to your regimen. Identify your hair’s condition by examining softness, hair texture (finer hair textures can be more easily damaged by heat) and elasticity (hair stretches without breaking easily).

Prepare Your Hair

Prepare your hair for heat styling by moisturizing & deep conditioning. Moisturizing and deep conditioning will strengthen your natural hair. This also ensures that the hair cuticle is closed and coated for a smooth look. Before a heat treatment deep condition with a product that builds the natural proteins of your hair like Mayonnaise. We also like to use coconut oil as it prevents damage in 5 different ways.

Use Heat Protectant

This is the only time that we recommend a silicone based product.  Heat protectant creates a barrier between your hair and the heat exposure.  Silicones coat the hair and prevents moisture from reaching the hair shaft.  This prevents reversion but also keeps moisturizers from absorbing in your hair so moisturize with a light moisturizer before using a heat protectant.

Limit Heat Exposure

Anything in excess is detrimental and heat is no exception. We wouldn’t recommend using direct heat on your natural hair any more than once a week.  Less if your hair is easily damaged. Start off with a small amount of heat to see how your hair reacts or only use medium to low heat when styling.