New Year’s hair resolutions are a good use for your pencil! We just wanted to share some of the general hair-related decisions we think all of us should be making in the New Year! Please take a look even if you’ve already done your New Year’s hair resolutions, you might decide to update them a little bit.


Some of us are dying for a new hair color, others are considering a different cut and yet we’re too scared to act on it and really and truly make it happen! Promise yourself this one will be different than all new year’s hair resolutions you’ve made so far! You’ll be braver this year and you will do what you feel is right. You go girl! Dye your hair even if it means some clothes (or colors, to be precise) will be off limits for you due to a new color or cut it short even if you’ve worn it long for the last 5 years!


Having a low maintenance cut doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to styling! Sure, you’re free to enjoy it, spend more time doing other things and still look good although you should promise yourself to do something nice with your hair every once in a while. You can curl it, braid it, put it up, experiment with tons of different styles and you don’t even have to have a really special reason to do it! A walk or dinner with your hubby, a boring Monday – it doesn’t really matter! You can be the busiest woman in the world and still have time to do it at least once a month. Because every woman deserves to get her hair done, put some make up and clothes to match and enjoy being and feeling flawless like a movie star at least once even 30 days! And that, my ladies, is something you should put in your resolution for new year!


Throw away products with expired dates, pass along or swap the ones that are not doing it for you, don’t wait for your brushes to fall apart before you decide to get new ones and, trust me, not having a pair of decent hair clips is not something to brag about! Restock, woman! Invest in good quality brushes but opt for cheap accessories so you could get more. As for the products – either use them or pass them along but definitely ask for samples before you invest your hard-earned cash in something that may not work as good as it sounds!


But only on the right products! If you love a certain product or you’ve managed to get some samples and decided it’s truly fabulous, don’t let the price stand in your way. You would spend the same (or roughly the same) amount of money randomly purchasing cheaper products in hopes you’ll find a budget-friendly replacement. “Every expensive product has its cheaper dupe” rule does work but you have to be really lucky to find it on the first try! Wanna talk statistics? Well, you actually have better chances of finding the first, pricier product with reduced price!


Take a good look at your new year’s hair resolution and cross everything that sounds like a stereotype! “I will cut my hair because I’m not 30 anymore” has to go and the same can be said for “I will streak my hair or go blond because my grays are showing” and “I will stop wearing my hair this way because it looks age-inappropriate”. Don’t let the society tell you who you should to be! Enjoy your thick, long hair as long as you want and if you decide to cut it, do it because you needed a change, not because some stupid rule says you should. Don’t cover your grays if you like them simply because someone out there may hate it – a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman with or without grays!


One way to get those compliments is to make a commitment to deep conditioning. It only takes a few minutes, but you’ll notice the difference and so will everyone else! There’s no time like the present to get started. A regular deep conditioning treatment will help lock in your hair’s moisture and keep it looking fabulous now and all year long.


Curling irons, flat irons and hot rollers aren’t designed to last forever. I know – why not? But, if you’ve had the same styling tools since your college days, it’s time to toss them in the garbage and shop for new ones. Not only is that fun, but it means you can style your hair with less damage and your new ‘do might even come together more quickly and better looking than ever before. A girl couldn’t ask for more! A good rule of thumb is to shop for new styling tools if you notice a smell emanating from your current ones or if you simply can’t remember how long you’ve had them.


Some of the sexiest and coolest hairstyles are the undone and “careless” ones. You know, random waves or curls or straight styles that don’t have a razor straight edge. Rocking an imperfect top knot or not having a perfect part in your hair can be alluring and best of all-easy! Just because you can’t achieve a perfect, no-hair-out-of-place style doesn’t mean you’re in for a bad hair day. Embrace it and rock it with pride!


Oils have taken the beauty world by storm and for good reason. Some versatile oils can be used on the hair, body, and face and offer tons of moisturizing and nourishing benefits. If you have dry or damaged hair, resolve to try a hair oil this year. Our Renewing Argon Oil Hair Serum is perfect for anyone in need of some deep hydration in the scalp and hair. The most important tip I can give oil newbies is to stay away from the roots. Always concentrate on the tips for the best results!