3800 Turbo Infrared Blow Dryer


SA’s revolutionary 3800 Turbo Infrared blow dryer real Far Infrared light to gently penetrate your hair, helping to reduce oil levels and increase shine, decrease drying time, lock in moisture and reduce damage.

Air Styler


With the Air Styler you can now enjoy one pass drying and styling in the comfort of your own home or on the go.



The Mermaid is the perfect tool for effortlessly creating those naturally alluring beachy waves.

Volumizer Pro


Our new Volumizer Pro is taking hair styling to the next level! This lightweight, ergonomically designed blow dryer brush dries and styles hair in the half the time.

Pro Styling Wand Set


SA’s Pro Styling Wand Set opens up a new world of styling options. Effortlessly create any style or shape you crave from glamorous red-carpet curls to voluminous beachy waves. This easy to use clip free system is the next level in styling technology.