Pro Styling Wand Set


Pro Styling Wand Set

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SA’s Pro Styling Wand Set opens up a new world of styling options. Effortlessly create any style or shape you crave from glamorous red-carpet curls to voluminous beachy waves. This easy to use clip free system is the next level in styling technology.

This versatile set includes 4 easily interchangeable barrels (1.25, 1″, ¾” and a Reverso barrel). It has been designed to accommodate most hair types. The Tourmaline barrel is a natural source of far infrared heat and an ideal heat conductor that maintains consistent temperature while creating more negative ions to help lock in moisture and seal the cuticle for all-day, lustrous curls. Love your hair again! Get salon level results in a fraction of the time with the Pro Styling wand Set.



  1. Ensure your hair is clean and combed through.
  2. Select the barrel size you want to use and attach it to the base.
  3. Plug in the styling wand and turn on the device.
  4. Because there is no clamp on the styling wand, you have to use your fingers to hold hair in place. We have designed our styling wands to have a cool tip for better grip and safety while styling. You may also use the included heat resistant glove on the hand you plan to use to wrap your hair around the wand. Note: Using a glove is completely optional.
  5. Select a strand of hair that is no wider than 1inch. Strands that are too wide will layer up and won’t be affected by the heat of the wand, causing limp, saggy curls. To create very tight curls, select strands of hair smaller than 1inch thick.
  6. To keep your curls tight, hold them in a spiral shape after removing them from the wand while they cool. You can also use a bobby-pin to hold them in place to cool as you curl the rest of your hair.
  7. Repeat the above process, working your way around your head.
  8. When you are done turn off the device and unplug it from the socket.

Additional information




Heat protectant glove included for safer styling


WAND 7.25" (l) x 1.25" (w)
3/4" Barrell 8" (h) x 0.5" (w)
1" Barrel 8" (h) x 1" (w)
1.25" Barrel 7.75" (h) x 1.5" (w)
Reverso 7.75" (h) x 1.5" (w)


All less than 0.1 lb. individually


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“Brush your dry hair so to remove any tangles and break up strands. Divide your hair into several large sections using hair clips, this way you make the styling process so much easier! No doubt, the more hair and the thicker it is, the more sections you will end up with. Don’t worry, there are no strict rules to this technique, just go ahead with whatever is comfortable for you.

Allow your styling tools to preheat. For the best results is important to patiently wait for your device to achieve the required temperature. Don’t forget to put on your heat protectant glove before starting to style your hair. If you have medium to long hair, I suggest starting at the back of your head. For short hair, it’s easier to start at the crown.

Complete any style with our Renewing Argon Oil Hair Serum to bypass any pesky flyaways and hold a long-lasting look.”