Anyone who has ever bleached or colored their hair knows the struggles of keeping that color nice and vibrant. With so many products and environmental factors chipping away at your color maintenance can become challenging and wear on your hair. But don’t give up, there is hope! Here are some tips for prolonging the life and vibrancy of your color. 

Avoid Washing Hair Daily

Shampoo not only strips your hair of color, but it also strips away the natural oils that help keep the hair healthy and to take color better. Keep those locks fresh by shampooing only 1-2 times per week.

Look for “Color Treated Hair” Products

Regular styling products can contain harsh ingredients like detergents or alcohols. Choose products that say that are for color treated hair. They will help lock in your color and add some shine.

Use Sunscreen On Your Hair

The sun is a huge culprit for fading hair. Using a sunscreen on your locks will help prevent lackluster hair. Just be sure that you get a sunscreen that is meant for your hair and not your skin.

Try Cleansing Conditioners

If you have thicker hair you may want to try cleaning conditioners to keep your color vibrant. They allow you to wash your hair less often, and won’t strip your color over time.

Use Pigmented Conditioners and Dry Shampoo

Instead of standard conditioners try using a pigmented conditioner bi-weekly to refresh your hair’s tone. Pigmented shampoos are miracle workers for color treated hair, but some can leave a dingy white-cast that causes your strands to look dull and lifeless. Choosing a pigmented dry shampoo that matches your hair color allows you to soak up excess oils without dulling your locks.

Use Cold Water

The temperature of your shower can affect your hair color. After shampooing and conditioning, rinse your hair with a blast of cold water. The cold water will shut the hair’s cuticle and give it a glossy finish.

Use Deep Conditioning Masks

Deep conditioning masks are not only moisturizing and hydrating, but they also are amazing at locking in your hair color. You can even use one a few days prior to applying color as it will smooth the cuticle and allow for better color absorption.

Use Hair Tools With Heat Control Settings

You don’t want to blast your colored hair with excessive heat so choose tools with heat control settings like our selection of full size professional flat irons and straightening brushes.