Want to switch up your hairstyle or color, but don’t want to fully commit? Then wigs are the way to go. They are an easy and affordable option for switching it up. So where do you start?

Picking The Right Wig 

Sizing The Wig Properly

  • Not all wigs are one-size-fits-all so you need to measure your head size first. (FYI: The average head size is around 21 x 14 x 13 inches.) Once you have your exact measurements, it’ll be easier to find a wig (and wig cap) that fits perfectly onto your head. Here are the three basic measurements you’ll need:
    • Circumference: Wrap the measuring tape around your head by beginning at the hairline and working it back to the starting point.
    • Front to Nape: Start at the middle of the hairline and run the tape down to the nape of your neck.
    • Temple to Temple: Place the tape above your left temple (above the ear) and wrap it across the middle of your head to the right temple.

Choosing A Wig Type

There are three options when it comes to wig types: human hair, synthetic hair or a combo of the two. When it comes to human vs synthetic hair, there are a few pros and cons depending on wearability, cost and management:

  • Human Hair: This is just what you expect—wigs made from actual human hair. That means that the texture is easy to manipulate and you can cut, color and heat style the hair with no issues. These wigs also look and feel the most natural. The downside is that they can be pretty expensive. Plus, if you’re looking to wear this look daily, it can be a lot of upkeep.
  • Synthetic Hair: This type of wig is the most affordable and low maintenance option. Synthetic wigs are pre-styled which can be limiting, but if you are looking for a wig to spice up your look for the day then it’s a great option. However, because of the weaker strands synthetic hair has a limited shelf life (think: three to six months) and won’t look “as natural” the more times you wear it. You also can’t style them with heated tools or use any styling products. 
  • A Combo of the Two: Yes, a mix of synthetic and human hair exists. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with this combo wig that offers a natural look without breaking the bank. But, can you use heat tools? Read the wig’s specific instructions to make sure it is heat-resistant, most are not. 

Also, think about your goals for your style before making your purchase. If you’re looking for longevity then definitely go for a human hair wig. If you are looking for something for a quick style for a party or Halloween then a synthetic or combo wig would be perfect.

How To Wear Them

First you have to prep your hair. The goal is to keep your hair as flat as possible to avoid any weird bumps when you put the wig on. If you have short hair, brush your hair back and pin it in place. Use gel or mousse to keep your hair slicked back. If you have long hair, braid your hair down in corn rows and wrap all the ends together for a flat surface. If you aren’t much of a braider then wrap your hair around your head using hair pins to secure it in place. 

Now it’s time for the wig cap. Start at the back and adjust the cap so it sits firmly on your hairline. Secure it in place with either bobby pins, wig clips, wig glue or wig tape; whichever method you prefer. 

Once you have your wig cap on and secured place the wig on your head. Using both hands, start at the bottom and pull it onto your head. Slowly press down on the hairline so that the wig hairline lays on top of the gel and begins to connect and mold along your hairline. Once the wig is on start adjusting it so that it covers the whole wig cap. Once you have the wig in a comfortable position give your head a good shake to make sure that it doesn’t move.  

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