Everyone loves a good ponytail, but after a while you get tired of the same look, so here are some ideas to help spice up those tails!


Craving a long, full ponytail but lacking have the length for it? This two-ponytail hack will save the day! Start by sectioning your hair into two sections, a top and bottom, from ear to ear. Next, use an elastic to secure the hair in the back and then tease your hair at the top. Now pull the top section into the shape you desire and use a second elastic to secure it to the bottom section. Give them a little fluff and a light spritz of medium hold hairspray, and you’re good to go.

Photo ref: www.cosmopolitan.com


If you’ve got long, thick hair then this big and wavy ponytail is for you! Begin with a ponytail at the base, then take the left section and sweep it to the right. With the right section, twist a little and sweep it over to the left. Add a little curl for texture, tease it a little, pull it up, and you’re done. 

Photo ref: www.onecrazyhouse.com


Tired of the classic ponytail or high pony? Then give the side ponytail a try. Start with the ponytail at the ear level, giving volume to the ends and wrap a piece of your hair around the elastic. 

Photo Ref: www.latest-hairstyles.com


These quick and easy styles are great for a day at the office, lunch with the girls, or a night out. Start on each side of your hair and braid towards the center at the back of the head. Gather the ends and all your other hair then secure into the sweetest looking ponytail. If you’re not great at braiding, you can accomplish the same look with twists. 

Photo ref: www.onecrazyhouse.com


Start by teasing the hair at the crown to give a little volume in the front. Then, sement the hair in sections about ¾ of an inch apart and secure with a hair tie. Give each section a little pull on each side to fluff it up like a bubble. You may need to adjust the ties up or down a little as you fluff.   

Photo ref: www.popsugar.com Instagram @beatenb


You can add in all kinds of accessories to spice up your ponytails like scarves, flowers, gems and barrettes. Get creative and go wild!